Werner Zährl

Werner Zährl


Werner Zährl presents curvingism. In curvingism the projection of author‘ s visual perception is based on curves. The curves remind the tracks that are left behind a surfboard in the water or those in fresh snow, left by a skier enjoying the ride.

On the canvas, similarly to sea surface, these tracks are slowly disappearing into the colours that intensify the overall impression of the painting reminding a stained glass.

Werner Zährl was born in the region of Carlsbad. His early works were realistic paintings inspired by ancient Japan which slightly moved to the themes of stormy sea, ships and endless beaches.

Author‘ s paintings have sailed safely into the present days, to the lives of the 21st century people, into their interests and indulgence. The curves and people‘ s smile together with the realization of the endless beauty of their own existence in the fast-moving times of today are depicted by the author not only in his drawings, but also in his paintings which force us to dream and let us be carried somewhere far away by a good feeling. Only the large signature, mostly in ultramarine violet, remained out of the original Japanese themes.




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